Corporate car rental services in Romania

Corporate Contact Center

A modern business, no matter the size of it, needs a carefully chosen fleet of cars to give it flexibility and provide a smooth ride on…

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Medium and long term car rental (6/9/12 months)

The transport needs of your company have to be treated with the utmost importance, as they play an important…

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Fleet management

We manage your cars and provide you with a wide range of solutions to help streamline your business operational costs. By contracting this service…
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Providing mobility for customers of operational leasing companies

Cost-efficiency of the car fleet is a priority for companies. Therefore, we are aware that you are in a…

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Smart switch

To successfully cope with the many challenges, a modern business often has to give up comfort and be constantly prepared to adapt to changes. When it comes to mobility needs, this…
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Granting mobility benefits to employees

The role of the human resource in ensuring the success of the business is a very important one, so it requires a correct strategy, focused on…

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